Rochester Art Center in Rochester, MN

The exhibition featured Sashiko works created by the Senninbari Project (meaning “Thousand Person Stitches”) in the Miyagi prefecture, Japan. Maki funded the Sendai with her mother, Tsuyo Onodera, from Sendai shortly after the tsunami in March 2011. They reached out to the residents who lost everything during the disaster in Kesenuma. Onodera, who has taught Kimono making for over fifty years and has trained hundreds of young women, taught Sashiko stitching and Kogin embroidery to the women at the shelter in Kesenuma. These women worked collaboratively to create traditional Tohoku designs and clothes. The exhibition featured these works, including Dotera (Sleeping Kimono) and Kamiko (paper Kimono).

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Featuring the poetry by Yuko Taniguchi.